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We do not     - sell ERP, MRP or warehouse management (WMS) systems or technologies (e.g., bar coding)

                        - assume a warehouse is organized and operating in ways that prevent costly mistakes that hurt customers 

                        - presume a system is being used to minimize inventory stock-outs or sell slow-moving stock

                 - have ties to, or favor, any vendor of a system or warehouse technology -- we are always on the client's side when selecting 

                    a system or technology (but avoid some)           

                 - assume feasibility/justification for a possible ERP, MRP, WMS, cloud computing, central warehouse, warehouse technology

We:  Develop strategic plans for surviving the threats from new types of competition

         Reduce warehouse & value-added mistakes & costs, w/o new technology - often via low-cost, quick improvements                                     

         Help develop a plan to market slow-moving stock

         Reduce inventory stock-outs and short-ships without hurting customer service

         Determine the justification of ERP/MRP/WMS, cloud computing, a central warehouse, warehouse technologies

         Determine if an ERP/MRP/WMS or warehouse technology should be replaced

Select the most cost-effective ERP/MRP/WMS, warehouse technology or cloud computing, while avoiding the pitfalls, problems, overpaying and an unprotective contract

         Provide litigation support, expert witness testimony and advice to investment and law firms.


Our Focused Services details our unique services, and Success Stories describes some of the ways we have helped clients.


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Consulting for more than 30 years, each consultant has MBA and engineering degrees, and is a Certified Management Consultant. Our unbiased services helped numerous clients save time save time and save time and aggravation

We also write articles for trade magazines, and conduct workshops and Webinars for associations, trade groups and individual distributing and manufacturing companies (on improving warehouse operations, warehouse management systems, inventory management, and competing with Amazon Supply). We have published hundreds of articles, and conducted numerous workshops around the world. 



Workshop Clients lists groups for whom GBC has conducted workshops. Workshop Subjects describes how we create workshops, and outlines the content of each workshop we conduct.


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