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Profit and Customer-Service Improvement 

    The VP - Finance of a 6-location electrical wholesaler had the feeling that employees weren't using the system as profitably as possibly. He was right. We helped  them use the system in ways that reduced inventory and increased gross margin revenue.

    The principals of a 24-location distributor of plumbing, A/C, pipe/valves/fittings and building materials wanted to increases prices but didn't know how to do it without angering many customers. We showed them how to use our advanced matrix-pricing method to achieve increases that most customers wouldn't notice.  We did the same for a 2-location distributorship of residential and commercial lighting, with showrooms, and for a large distributor of paper, janitorial, sanitary and foodservice-disposable supplies.

    The 2nd generation managers of a 14-location distributor of electrical supplies and lighting fixtures had expanded the business significantly. But inventory had soared too much, yet branch managers were complaining of stock outs.  We helped them modify and use the system in ways that substantially reduced inventory while increasing customer service; and in ways that replenished branches in a timelier manner and with adequate quantities. 

    The principals of a 40+-location distributor of plumbing, HVAC, electrical and pipe/valves/fittings knew they were "leaving money on the table" but didn't know how to raise prices without customers complaining. We presented a methodology we developed for calculating prices based on the history of each customer-item combination, and other characteristics of the customer and item. We did the same for an eight-location distributor of plumbing supplies.